Google Wave Now Open to the Public

I just received an email that Google Wave is now public. I’m not sure if it will ever replace email as some at Google had hoped, but it is certainly worth a look.


Browsing the Web More Securely

While I will always have a spot in my heart for web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer, nobody can argue against Google Chrome being far and away the safest and fastest browser out today.  But after reading this article about making Google Chrome even more secure, I will definitely not be putting any sensitive information into any other browser.

Make Your Voice Heard During National Library Week

There seems like no better time than National Library Week for all of you to call your local government representatives and let them know that any more cuts in library funding are unacceptable. Here is a great article on the subject.

The eReader Revolution Might Be Here

Here at the CCLS office, one topic I’ve been really researching lately is the viability of eReader and eBook usage in libraries. The only major hurdle I see is that eReaders are still a little to pricey to lend out. I just received this article that touts the release of the $150 Kobo eReader. Now that companies seem to be trying hard to build a dedicated eReader at a low price point, a move to a more digital library may come sooner rather than later.